ZEROKO is a performance duo formed by Masashi Kadoya and Keisuke Hamaguchi(wearing glasses) .
Masashi and Keisuke originally worked as solo mime artists and street performers.
They met at "Gamarjobat project" started by a silent comedy duo "Gamarjobat" in 2010, and got chosen
the members of "The Gamarjobat Company". The members were carefully chosen (in 2014).
Masashi and Keisuke formed "ZEROKO" in 2016, their show is based on pantomime,magic and clowning.
The contents can be enjoyed by transcending all language and cultural barriers.
In 2017, ZEROKO is certified as the performer of
"Tokyo Heaven Artist" authorized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
They regularly perform their own show as well as
a wide range of venues including
arts appreciation of school
and international festival.
●Biogs of ZEROKO
*Morikoro Park Street Festival(Japan 2019)
*Utsunomiya Street Festival(Japan 2019)
*Saitama-shintoshin Street Festival(Japan 2019)
*LINZ Pflasterspektakel(Austria 2018)
*Edinburgh Fringe Street(Scotland 2018)
*Cranz Montana(Switzerland 2018)
*Samoens(France 2018)
*Morzine Avoriaz(France 2018)
*Les Arcs1950(France 2017 2018)
*Daidogei world cup in Shizuoka(Japan 2018 2019)
*Kobe art village center art jack(Japan 2018)
*Heaven Artist in Shibuya(Japan 2018)
*Heaven Artist Tokyo (Japan 2017 2018)
*Festival d'Avignon(France 2017)
*CHALON DANS LA RUE(France 2017)
*Kulturufer Friedrichshafen 2017(Germany 2017)
*Fukagawa Birakuichi Street Festival(Japan 2017)

*ZEROKO Jazz Club LIVE  “Ahh”(Jun 2019)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.7 “Cut&Paste”(Mar 2019)
*ZEROKO “Driving Onigiri”New version(Jan 2019)
*ZEROKO LIVE cafe tour “Soaked Fish”New version(Dec 2018)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.6 “We don't want tea anymore”(Jul 2018)
*ZEROKO LIVE in Train running “Soukoushiteiru”(Apr 2018)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.5 “Soaked Fish”(Feb 2018)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.4 “Driving Onigiri”(Dec 2017)
*ZEROKO Tokushima LIVE “Taste of Coffee in Tokushima”(Nov 2017)
*ZEROKO Mie LIVE “Taste of Coffee in Mie”(Oct 2017)
*ZEROKO Jazz Club LIVE “Slap and Stick”(Oct 2017)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.3 “Vacuum cleaner” (Aug 2017)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.2 “It may rain”(Jun 2017)
*ZEROKO LIVE vol.1 “Big Window”(Apl 2017)

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